Why he is just more than a ‘talented, witty and sarcastic’ actor ?

The ordeals of pursuing something causes collateral damage too. Innocent  readers are targeted on my pursuit 😛


Identify this man ?

Look again.


yes, its Robert Downey Jr – Or otherwise known as our Tony Stark, Iron Man and Sherlock Holmes and also Chaplin.

Well, let me start off. I had reviewed the movie Chaplin ( 1992 ) in the bloggers forum in my previous organization and the post was tagged under review only though it had some interesting facts about Robert Downey Jr. So instead of repeating a post here and to save us from going through it again, I am writing about the actor here.Wikipedia might have more information than a layman’s post, but you know how it goes – ‘any clod can have facts, but to have an opinion is an art – Charles McCabbe’ .

RD Jr., – not only got the looks from his father, but also his name and inherited some bad genes. He started off as an actor at an early age . His father was a director and had a drug addiction – which is a reason why you couldn’t have probably come to know RD Jr’s father much in Hollywood. Drugs spoiled the old man and he transferred these lousy genes to his son ( which now is passed on to his grandson also). In an interview, RD Jr., says that his father showed love by drugs in one way. (sounds weird)

RD Jr had a sine wave career initially – a few crests and all the way down to the sewers because of substance (drug) addiction. The actor was naturally talented and sunk his teeth to any role that was given. At his 20s, he was moderately well and looked promising to all the directors in Hollywood. He played Charlie Chaplin in the biopic – Chaplin (1992 ) and I bet no one else could have played Chaplin better than RD Jr., He learned to play Violin and tennis with left hand – just to play Chaplin as original as possible – such was his dedication. Download the movie just to watch how one can imitate or plan Chaplin.

But damn Darwin, the bad genes kicked off and the actor started drug intake and later became an addict. He tested the Judge’s patience more than twice. It was hard to believe that the uber cool RD Jr., of today was a disturbed man who lost his way and ended up hand-cuffed for barging into  a stranger’s bed half naked under the influence of drugs. Later again, he was found strolling in bear foot in the road.

He was put under mandatory rehab facilities and there was a glimpse of a come back. He was in a television series which became popular for his role but only till another dreadful day – when he was caught for possession of drug. I also remember reading that he had a gun once.

After some good rehab and self-realization, he got himself out of the swirl. From his recent interviews, it looks like he learnt so much about life through his failures and addiction. Pretty obvious, it is ‘the’ lesson for life for this man. He pushed hard and made it to the auditions for Iron-Man. His resurgence proved some producers wrong who earlier had some inhibitions with RD Jr., playing Tony Stark. All that gibe and sneer that flows out of Tony Stark is from RD Jr., himself. He transformed himself to be a better man. The second and third editions had some funny and witty dialogues written by him.

The plight of the man was so pathetic. RD Jr., who had no money during his addiction phase, one day,calls his father and utters ” no money, friends not answering calls, hungry ” and his father asks him to “fix” himself or “get a life” ( I don’t remember his father’s reply exactly). But today he has signed up a 50 million dollar contract for the upcoming Iron Man movies. Well who could forget Sherlock Holmes. I must have seen both the editions at least half a dozen times. Anything that Downy touches is a hit now. He has taken the reins and there is a steady ride to the peak in his graph.

Robert Downey Jr., is a super-hero to himself in his real life – saving that damsel in distress.RD Jr.,’s life is inspiring to me  and reading him shows doors to escape the clutches of pain  or addiction.

What does it take for a man to get himself out of an addiction ? – the will.

The self-realization should go hand in hand with the will. Resurrection is not an easy job. But once you are hell-bent on transforming yourself, there is no stopping.

So, enough of lessons and facts –  I am just having an opinion here. I like this guy and I am telling you and me on what is good to me about him. For those who say that you already follow Spirit Science page in FB for such lessons and quotes, I would say it’s also better to take lessons from the ones you like.That has a different touch.

Comments –  welcome as always  🙂

Ciao !

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