A definitive pursuit

Hola !

I am on a pursuit to achieve a count of 10 blog posts – this for a specific reason that I cannot disclose for the moment (but if you have already heard of ‘that’ forum then you are welcome to make guesses). I started to formulate some reasons to justify rambling seven more posts here. Seven because one here in my blog was just ‘reblogged’. The curt moderators of that forum could easily slap a label – plagiarism. Here are the seven reasons why I and the other readers have to suffer (the last reason could be one that’s a little logical, but still .. read in the order)

There was a tweet from one in the ‘following’ – Somebody teach me how to kill 8 hours at office ! So yeah – I am bored to death here since I have only 6 hours of work each day. Not that I am Sheldon Cooper or that there is very less work here. It’s just that I am new to the current organization and they want me to take things one at a time.

I read  and that’s why I write. Its quite normal for anyone with good taste for food to cook well, the one who hears good music has a flare towards learning to play an instrument and lots of Sachinism grooms a good batsman. So this a good reason per se.

I want to review or rate whatever I read or watch. I am an avid movie-goer and I have already mentioned in my previous posts that I am on movie spree. Now add an another spree – the reading spree. Avada Kadavra ! And hence – now a writing spree as well 😛

My language needs to be worked on ! But don’t take that  I use a lot of profane words. No – I mostly avoid ‘F’ words and all the ‘A’ – ‘Z’ words that could be profane. I just got greedy and there is this insatiable hunger for befitting adjectives and verbs to all my posts – or I could say, to each line of my posts. Let me make MR.M.D.Somu – my English teacher, proud in his grave at least.

I want to make (the right set of) friends – yeah, of late, I see myself in a wrong lot. I want friends who enjoy good writing and books, who lend their Hard disks full of sitcoms, who would take half-a-day leave to watch Mad Max Fury Road with me and take the pillion at a 5 AM ride for a coffee in Besant Nagar. No gender bias – just tweet at my wall so that we’ll go for the coffee. It’s already obvious that I need a ticket to that ‘forum’.  If you are in a community or club that has connoisseurs of good literature and art, please count me in.

A stepping stone to achieve something big ! Who knows – I might be a good writer some day 😀 . This is one of my new goals and here is the first wobbling step. My siblings, family and some friends (who have no choice ) appreciate my blogs. I love blogging. I see many bloggers are very talented writers and yet they don’t attract a lot of readers. So the writer in the ‘lazy’ me is no more worried about the reception – all that I need is to whet by brain( go back and read the word properly !).So why not give something to them which doesn’t need self-marketing.

I need to re-invent myself. Someone has just thrown me away like hurling a puppy into the gutters for some god-forsaken-unknown-reason. These stuff without reasons are a little hard to take in. It was a nightmarish question with haunting dreams – what would I become if I continue living like this.  But now here I am – open to the world again embracing truth and reality 🙂 

Well those could be the possible reasons to write ! Or like Sushmita Sen once said  ‘why do you need someone to gift you something.. Just buy and  gift things yourself’, I just could write on ! Why care for reasons to do something which you like to do already !

Before you close the tab, you can comment whatever you felt 🙂

Cheers !

11 thoughts on “A definitive pursuit

  1. Deepika Kumaaraguru

    Wow, you are a really a great writer. The sequence and usage of words here are extremely applaudable. You can definitely bloom as a great writer. All the best wishes. Vijay Bhav

  2. A nice beginning bro.. even though you forgot to mention that i have been urging you to write,, Its true that no one can make you do something, you have to feel.. Good that you realized it now.. welcome back..
    and coming to the post, its very neat and enjoyable,..waiting for the next 😉
    P.S – you can always take me for a 5 o clock coffee.. Besant nagar.. i promise to keep my mouth zipped 😉 😛

    1. Dinesh Babu K N

      Abi you came second 😛
      Anyways.. Depending on the calls I receive for the 5 AM Coffee, we will decide further.
      You keeping your mouth zipped – are you serious sissy ? 😛

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  4. I’ve been through that. It took me a good 4 years of blogging to understand that it doesn’t matter any more. I’ve blogged alone, I’ve blogged with a friend, I’ve blogged alone,I’ve written political articles, I’ve written book reviews, gone the whole yard feeling lost, confused and sad. Trust me, it doesn’t matter at all. No bliss like writing your heart out immaterial of how many readers your writing garners!

    Nice write up! Keep writing! Cheers!

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