Book Review : Salvation of a Saint By Keigo Higashino

One entire week was battered by ‘The Sparton Gold’ and it was enough to tire me out to a sleepy weekend. Often I wanted to tear of the book and curse the cockamany work by the old man.

Old man ! You have lost your mojo.. Refrain from writing and save us the head ache ! .  

But my weekend was saved by the  ‘Salvation of a Saint’ -this book is an another ‘Detective Galileo’ thriller from Keigo Higashino.


Just like the plot in Suspect X, this is about a murder mystery and how Detective Galileo ( Yukawa ) unravels it and helps his friend Kusanagi solve the case. There is no question about the suspect and this is of the ‘howdunit’ types. The plot is taut, the characterization might be a little artificial.

The story starts with break-up of a marriage ( yeah you read it right ! ) as per the contract Yoshitaka has with wife Ayane. When he comes to know that Ayane cannot have children with him, he decides to cancel (!) the marriage with her as per their agreement they had an year back. And if you are suspecting that he did this because has found another woman – bingo ! You got it right.He has a relationship with Hiromi, an apprentice of Ayane.

Two days after this announcement to Ayane, Yoshitaka dies – his coffee being poisoned by someone. Ayane has a perfect alibi as she goes at her parents’ place two days before the murder. It is left that Hiromi can be the only suspect who could have murdered her lover Yoshitaka. Both Hiromi and Yoshitaka never revealed their relationship to anyone before the murder. So we can see from the very first chapter that the only person who could have a motive to kill Yoshitaka is his wife Ayane where as the only possible suspect could be Hiromi.

Kusanagi, the lead detective, initially falls or Ayane’s looks, but he doesn’t let his emotions take over instincts. He believes that he needs all the data and the information. His new sub-ordinate, Utsumi,  is an intelligent woman who has her quirky ways of formulating theories about this case. She doesn’t trust Ayane a bit and explains her stand many times to Kusanagi that Ayane is the more probable suspect. When Utsumi is exhausted and lost, she reaches to Yukawa, our Detective Galileo and from here, you are in for a better ride.

The good thing about this book is, you  formulate a new  theory whenever Kusanagi comes with more facts about the victim and the suspect and each time, Yukawa will  break the possibility. He often calls it the ‘prefect crime’. Yukawa is as cool as ever and there is a small but friendly rivalry between him and Kusanagi. The twist at the end will make you feel that even the logical and calm minds can plot something as cold as this murder. I am not going to spoil it for you with any other information – so go on order and read it if you want a good thriller.

I could be over-rating the book giving it 4 out of 5 as this novel came as a saviour after the brain damage caused by Clive Cussler.

Happy reading ! Ciao 🙂

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    Hi, Dinesh anna. I have nominated you for a quote challenge. It’s my recent blog post. Please check it out and do join 🙂

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