Day 11 : Limitless

I am just back from a road trip. Man… !! It definitely needs a write-up. Let’s come to that later. 

Limitless is a thriller/ sci-fi drama starring Bradley Cooper, Abbie Cornish   (😍) and  Robert De Nirodirected by Neil Burger.

A desperate or rather aimless writer Eddy Morra accidentally comes across a pill that enhances brain capabilities which helps him achieve extraordinary feats in stock market and also in personal life. He soon atracts media attention and also a stock market giant Van Loon. No good thing comes without side effects and so does this pill. Eddy can’t get off it because he’d die if he tries to get rid of the addiction. There are people who are behind this pill and it is inevitable that Eddy gets caught. He is stalked and almost killed towards the end but is saved by the pill itself and it appears as a convincing but sorta anticlimax. 
It’s an interesting storyline and plot. For a while, I was glued to the seat. The pill helps you recall memories from the depths of your brain and you’re a Martial art specialist, an interesting tenant and a great lover once you take the pill. Imagine this in reality ! 

The movie is in the narrative style and Bradley Cooper does it – no qualms. The editing and cinematography were equally good and I couldn’t complain. Somewhere in the middle, the suspense seemed to fade off and we are relaxed watching the movie. It could be the delay where the director fails to switch the ‘now’ and ‘back then’ parts. Otherwise, this is an interesting movie. 
7/10.  Recommending if off-beat streak is boring you. 

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