Day 10: The man from U.N.C.L.E

The Man from U.N.C.L.E is an action thriller directed by Guy Ritchie starring Henry Cavill, Arnie Hammer and Alicia Vikander. 

In the early Cold War era, a Russian agent and an American spy are assigned to find a German Nuclear scientist who’s working with a Nazi group. The scientist’s daughter aides the duo in finding her father. The Russian and the American have ego issues and are at loggerheads but later work together as both governments want them to find this scientist and secure a nuclear warhead which he has built. What follows is a brief but thrilling action block with a decent climax.
If you are a Guy Ritchie fan, you will be disappointed with this movie. He has ventured into a new area but it didn’t turn out to be his usual stylish movie. The screenplay in the first half was sloppy and no ‘edge of the seat’ moments. At least, there is a always humor laced throughout in his other movies but in this, it’s here and there. This is where action and wit should have filled the gaps. 

Henry Cavill as Superman itself is still sinking slowly in the mind but you have to accept him as an American spy ? Please. On the other hand, Armie Hammer and Alicia Vikander are a delight to watch. Armie Hammer plays a huge, well built, talented but sensitive Russian agent who has had a bad childhood and he suffers occasional psychotic trauma. He does this quite well.I don’t wanna describe Alicia’s role but she is cool as usual (except for the latest Bourne franchise in which they had no idea on how to use her skills). 

The cinematography is good and the background score makes it somehow.

They relate to the movie title only at the end. Seriously, why ?

Over all – watchable . 7/10.

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