Travel Diaries – Meeting the Virgin Goddess

This post, undoubtedly, has a title that I like and is of course the tenth genuine post of mine. Yes, take on that my dear blogger ‘forum’. You asked me for a minimum of ten posts so that  I can be ‘enrolled’.

This phost ( post with photos 😛 ) has an another specialty. I am not even editing it once. It is just one-stop.

I was on  a trip to Kanyakumari where I paid obeisance to Kanyakumari Amman a.k.a the Virgin Goddess. If you are as lazy as me, then the title wouldn’t have piqued your interest. Nevertheless, I am a very curious person 😛

The trip was, as expected, a very good one. It definitely was not a trip that I made just to visit Kanyakumari and a few places around, but it was one of best friend’s marriage at Trivandrum. Seriously, why else would I travel 1600 km 😉

So, with the 5 MP phone that has only rear Primary camera and no flash, these are what I could make of the trip.

Day 1: Thiruparaparu Falls.

Man, this is one place everyone should visit when you are travelling acroos Trivandrum. A very small water-falls, but like all others, this is fun. There is no trekking involved, like in Tala Kona, where you have to travel a mile to reach the falls. This place is easily accessible – may be a half an hour bus trip from Parasalla.


Camera360_2015_9_12_030408 After a good shower in the falls and a natural body massage, we had this ‘adventurous’ idea of walking along the bridge and the path you can see below – between the reservoir like area and the stream which leads to the water-falls.


At first, it really looked like rocks. Yeah, a second later and it was clear – these elephants were having an awesome time. Their mahouts were giving them a great time with the brushes or something. The trunk would appear once in a minute for breathing. It was a tranquilizing moment. For them and us.


WP_20150912_005  And then the boating. These are still waters and the depth was close to 80 feet. You could wear a life jacket, if you wished. Recalling the day is really giving me a massage right now.



After Thiruparaparu, we headed to Trivandrum to visit Padmanabaswamy temple. My friend, all of a sudden, went super-spiritual and he insisted and persuaded me for this. But, the dharshan was satisfactory. No photographs allowed. Not even the bag is allowed and men shouldn’t be wearing any shirt up the torso.

Day 2: Kanyakumari



After a weary bus journey from Trivandrum which almost risked our lives, we, for our own surprise woke up when the first alarm started ringing on our ears. All for the Sun Rise.


The 1600 km trip, the fatigue and the weary eyes – all of them didn’t matter at the sight of this. Trust me, it looks a lot better when you see it for real or with a better camera. People applaud when the sun is rising, adds on to the effect – serene !



And we met the Virgin Goddess, debated over that emrald nos ring of Hers, which now is replaced by a diamond one. It is rumoured that ships mistook the light as a light house and hit the rocks. Hard to believe that people cared for the sailors or ships – particularly, lives of sailors of South India are ‘regional’.

This was some contrail. ISRO must have been celebrating.


We didn’t actually get to meet the 133 feet Thiruvallavur due to the board that said ‘ there is a lot of wind and aggressive tides ‘ something.


Vivekananda rock. This place is maintained very well and time passes easily – at least an hour.


Towards the end of the trip – the wax museum. There are a lot of other photos, which turned out to be a little more funnier, so this one was all that was a decent one.

Come on, how long does it take for that beard .. 


My spiritual friend got even more spiritual and we traveled to Susheendram, a Hanuman temple (which is soon going to be some old deserted place because of bad maintenance). And that was the end of the awesome trip to Kanyakumari after which we boarded the bus to Chennai.

There are a few other posts still slumbering in the drafts – the awards posts that are long due.

But then, a trip is something to be remembered 😉

Welcome us, Coorg 🙂

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