The Liebster Award


I have been nominated for this Liebster award – thanks to my blogger sister .  And congratulations to you too for being nominated. You are a gifted young blogger and a good-writer-to-watch-out-for.

Thank you NJ and Nimz for following and I am sure there was something in my blog that kept you engaged for a while.

Pleasantries aside, can you tell me more about this award sister ? 😛

The rules say I should  nominate a few bloggers for this award,ask them eleven questions, and answer the questions that were posed to me by the one who nominated me.

Here are the answers (resulted out of a groggy afternoon as I am sleepy and hitting the desk with my chin occasionally)


What is your best childhood memory?

There was an essay competition conducted by an NGO when I was 12 years old and my sister and I were invited to attend it just 10 minutes before the event. We managed to get the first and second prize. I gave a speech and then my sister did too. That was one day that shone better in the childhood amidst all the hurdles and problems.

If you can reverse time and change something, what would it be?

This question has been stolen from my list.

Yet, here is my answer. I would somehow stop Chinese or that anonymous scientist from inventing fire arms and bombs or I even may go further to stop Phosphorous, glycerine elements from being created. I believe there are other alternatives to create fire without these. History could change course if I could this.

There would be no guns , but just swords and spears and this in turn could have delayed or totally averted imperialism. We (Indians) would still be  in a golden (even diamond ) era.

If stopping Hiroshima/Nagasaki is one thing, who can guarantee that those morons would not have tried it on some other country.

What do you feel most proud of?

I come back strong. Each time something crushes me, I learn and I somehow get back.Resilience.

I always have learnt things on my own. There are times when I found asking others to learn something as a shame.

If given the choice, what three objects will you take into your next life?

This blog of mine – Deja vu purposes of course and to understand what are the other two I am carrying.And I would make sure I have written everything about myself so that I can know what all I have missed.

A photo of my mom – she could be in another life too in the same era I am living and I would try to find her. There are so many wishes/ambitions of hers that have not been achieved and fulfilled and I would see that it’s done in her next life. And of course my sister in that photo – how could I miss her in the next life. I wish she is my elder sister in the next – because she is smarter and she will definitely correct me whenever I take the wrong direction.

A book on how to read and write Tamil – I will want to know this language again. It would be a waste to live for me without this language.

If you won the lottery, what will you do?

There is a philanthropic part of me somewhere – so if you are talking 100 crores in lottery, half of it would go to welfare of farmers in Tamil Nadu. I am serious here  – I would see that agriculture flourishes from here.

One quarter in the second half  be invested in Elon Musk’s companies and I would try to see if I can find an island in the remaining money.

But for now, a Royal Enfield Continental GT, a Hummer, Euro Trip..  What not ? 😉

What are you most afraid of?

Phonies, impulsive people who betray when there is pressure or just because they have a choice.

Who was your first crush and how long did it exist? (NO celebrity names)

Can’t answer. My sibling, that is my sister ( Abinaya Natesan ) is one of my followers here – I really cannot reveal my first crush. Case aagirum veetla 😀

Do you dance crazy when no one is looking?

May be. In the lift when alone and a ‘kuthu’ song in phone.. may be..

And I dance occasionally when involved in ‘occasionally or socially’ extra curricular activities that involve less brain function and more of laughter and nuisance  😀

If you could live in a book, TV show or movie, what would it be?

The ninth important character in Big Bang theory. There is love for physics, comedy that relates to nerds and their behavior, and I would get the chance often to see how Sheldon reacts to my sarcasm 😛

If you are blessed with immortality, how will you spend your eternity?

Travel around to almost all the corners of the world. Learn a few important languages, live it to the extreme.

If I am incendiaries-proof, I would try to solve some conflicts.

Science.. Oncology.. Bike mechanic.. Just lots of ideas..

What would be your perfect day?

Up at 5 AM on a beautiful Saturday in December, a great shower, a white t-shirt and a blue jeans, Kappa shoes, my FZ with at least 5 litres of petrol and a ride to a beach or a park ( hitting at least 80 kmph ) to meet some friend(s) for a coffee , a good breakfast with my bro Manoj, then meet my ‘idiot’ gang for an awesome Sci-fi flick or action thriller, stroll in the evening and join the family for dinner.

My other perfect days would be the same but ending with a next day hang-over 😛


Really ? That was damn exhausting..

Since i don’t have many followers ( am still a budding blogger 😛 ), I nominate the below:

Abinaya Natesan  – No choice to you .

Muskan  – If you are already nominated for this award, it’s okay.. Write another one Muskan 😛

Below are my questions for you :

  1. If you were given a citizenship to a country, which other country would you choose  and why ?
  2. You encounter the first extra-terrestrial life form – what to you do ? If that life form understands you language, what will you say ?
  3. If you could arrest one politician, who would it be ?
  4. What would you do if you wake up to see your parents as kids and you as an elder ?
  5. Which personality according to you is over-rated and why ?
  6. You can kill someone by showing him/her a movie – which movie would you use to kill that person ?
  7. You are in a position where you need to drive when you are drunk. Fortunately, no accidents, but you are caught by cops – what do you do ?
  8. Incident that still brings laughter when it you are reminded of it – the real ROFL situation
  9. The world ends in an hour – what do you do ?
  10. Which celebrity do you think could have been your soul mate ?
  11. What is your best idea to get over someone ?

**sigh of relief**


That is 1000+ words people – the first in my post **patting on my back**

Cheers !

9 thoughts on “The Liebster Award

    1. hmm 🙂 I have already done it for my award 😉 and this needs time to think if you don’t mind then I will come up with my answers some time later 🙂

  1. Abinaya Natesan

    Thanks Bro.. For nominating me even though I have not been an active blogger. And about your crush, I will find out soon 😛 That essay competition, I still cherish the memory!!!!

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