2017 – Oxidized and rusting

I am dusting my keyboard. Really.. And that happens to be the case with my writing skills. It all looks like a hung-over morning that has questions like “where am I ? what did I do ?” . Or I am just Rip Van Winkle.

Just like the habit of writing being lost so deliberately through indulgences… I couldn’t even recall what other good habits or hobbies I had before. I mean.. Was it just me ? Raise your hand if your 2017 was like the role of Tamannah in Bahubali 2.

What has changed in my life in the last 9 months ?


That’s the scariest part because when I look back at my older posts, I think I was on to something till February –  was progressing or at least moving ahead. The time from where I left to where I am now is baffling and highly depressing. But the world has kept itself on it’s tracks. More idiots falling prey to religion. More women mistaking the concept of Feminism and eventually more men hitting back at them. More pollution and more of such things which only made me ask for a apocalypse. I simply did not see any  reassuring event in the last 9 months except my new born niece.

Damn ! Such negativity.

Fret not my consciousness, I am back to this space . A good sign !

Since it has been established that the recent past has been void, let me just try to pen down what positivism can be laid in front of me (seriously ? “laid” ?).

Evidently, writing should be back. Log or diary or therapy – “Writing” or more precisely “blogging” could be one of the constructive ideas.

Riding. What’s the point if you own an RE Bullet and made only 6.7k kms only in an year. I have only a few months left before I get imprisoned ( boring cliche about marriage) and I need to make best use of whatever time I have left. So riding is on cards. ( go on and say “writing” and “riding” together 3 times)

Books. The habit of reading. Where were you my love. You could assuage any kind of mental trauma ( sometimes self-inflicted ). I regret losing you and would do anything to get you back.

Movies. This time I am gonna put words into action (close ones who are laughing.. smack you). I want to start reading screenplays and not just watch movies. I had gone through the screenplay of a short-film and realized that screenplay is your story taking a new form and how it structures itself in each frame. Story not equal to Screenplay (so add a ‘go back’ call to the object  – Reading).

F&F – Friends & Family. How much of precious time have I denied you and myself ( might start swearing and use the upper case words on myself ) .. You all are important and I am clueless as to what I was doing in the last 9 months. The saddest part in any addiction is now knowing that one is addicted. I just reminded myself after a long time  that “love” is two ways and I sincerely would express it to you all as much as I can.

The last notification read ‘You have 50 followers” in WordPress. Thanks people !

If you have any words, just feel free and leave a comment.




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