Day 8: Paper Towns

Paper Towns is a romantic drama that stars Cara Delevingne and Nat Wolff.


Quentin ( Nat Wolff ) has a huge crush on Margo ( Cara Delevigne , “The Enchantress” ) right from the day she enters his neighborhood.  Margo grows up to be a free-soul while Quentin is just the average high-school kid who confines his happiness to his career and family. But he still has a huge crush on Margo, the most popular girl in high school. One day Margo enters Quentin’s house over a window and takes him on a drive to pull some pranks on Margo’s ex-boyfriend and back-stabbing friends. After an interesting night, she leaves town and just disappears. Vufff ! Nobody has an idea as to where she is. She leaves bread crumbs like clues for Quentin who pursues her and finally finds her only to have a almost-heart-breaking response.

My movie marathon is riding downhill. This was another bump after the first good five days.

Cara was good and so was Nat. They have done their parts well in this snail of a screenplay. This is a romance/mystery drama and I don’t see a pinch of it anywhere ( except for that one short dance if you could call it one ). The hero is confused between crush and love. Even his girl points this out clearly in the climax. Why waste your thirty hours drive ( our two hours of precious time and my marathon ) to realize this ? And this clearly is not a coming-off-age drama. There is no adolescent turmoil and problems. We see a weird kid and a nerdy one as friends to Quentin which a template today. Not recommending it.


I saw that this movie was an adaption of the book by John Green ( The Fault in Our Stars ). But… Bad choice .. šŸ˜¦

P.S : I have a crush on Cara Delevingne šŸ˜‰

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