Day 7: The Accountant

My glasses broke the other day and yesterday was relentless ( happened to be my birthday ).. This is seriously slowing me down.
‘The Accountant’ starring Ben Affleck is a crime action thriller that runs 128 minutes.

Chris Wolff is a special kid ( autistic and later ‘neurotypical’) with extraordinary mathematical skills. He often has outbursts and starts to wail if he doesn’t find anything to keep him occupied. Numbers and puzzles are more of a friend than people. His sister is also autistic and this drives this mother out of the family. The father is an army veteran who is rock-solid and grooms his kids with self defense techniques and weapons training. Chris grows to be a successful freelance Accountant and his customers are not-so-US friendly. A retiring Federal Treasury Official is on the Accountant’s tail and blackmails a rookie to find the Accountant’s identity on failing which he would reveal her darker past. In the middle of this, a client of his has dirty books and when this is figured out, the client himself wants the Accountant  (and his new  girl friend ) dead. He hires a mercenary but the Accountant is fierce and outsmarts his killers. A little twist in the climax and the Accountant walks away.

I was disappointed. You shouldn’t be expecting nothing short of brilliance if it stars Ben Affleck (let’s forget a nightmare of ‘DareDevil’) . Ben Affleck does best but the screenplay doesn’t. He just has to be himself to play the socially awkward, fastidious genius of an Accountant.  The cast is heavier with J.K.Simmons but even his role is fed less. 

If you have a hero who’s super smart, tech savvy and lethal ,you need a villain as powerful as that. Not only that, the central plot doesn’t actually make you feel the rush. I was sitting back relaxed because I knew Ben Affleck is gonna blow away these puny adversaries like dust. No, you need a Joker. Your hero answers a 10 digit multiplying product value in a second. 

There is enough action in the movie with snipers and pistols. If you watch the movie without great expectations, you might even like it. My rating is 6.5/10.

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