Day 6 : Her

Yesterday was a taxing day which almost ended in a terrible way which is why I am posting Day 6 on Day 7 actually.

‘Her’. What a creative script and making..


Ex-Machina, I-Robot are sci-fi drama where the writer and the director decided that ‘AI’ isn’t good for human race. ‘Her’ is a romantic sci-fi drama which does not deliver that message wholly  but it is a perfect drama. If you could fish out a different  message for yourself here, kudos !

A professional letter-writer Theodore ( probably 300 years from now ) has a strange notion of getting into a relationship with an OS ( Operating System ) that is super-smart and 100% human when it comes to thinking. Theo is going through his divorce and its crushing him. He is lonely and is need of love. The OS names itself Samantha and makes herself a great companion. She’s  funny, has a crispy and also sorta sensual voice. What starts as a friendship later blossoms as a love affair. But, humans are still humans after centuries and neither Samantha nor Theodore  could continue in  such a relationship. Samantha begins to think she’s a real human being and it gets complicated when she and Theo accept the reality – she is an OS and she has to be the same to whoever falls in love with her. She just doesn’t belong to one person. Theo is possessive, so is Samantha sometimes. Though it is a little blurry as to why one decides to break up totally, it is a fitting end (to the movie as well the strange relationship).

Joaquin Phoenix is one of my favorite actors ( Gladiator, Signs ) and here again he proves his mettle. He is an introvert and not-so-social talented human being (Aren’t such people always talented ?:P ).  He displays all emotions perfectly. Scarlett Johanson has voiced for ‘Samantha’ and I am sure the director had only a handful of voices for his choice when it came to the cast. Joaquin at least has the whole camera for himself but Scarlet Johannson does everything possible to make us think if there was someone real fooling Theodore as an OS. The OS felt so real even without a physical presence. The mobile camera acts as her eyes and Theodore goes outdoor for his date with his OS. They enjoy the first few days of the relationship like kids in high school. All this is beautifully pictured. He even takes her for a double date where his prick of a friend ( Chris Pratt ) mocks him.

Spike Jonze has written and directed the movie and has done a great job at them. It is not a easy job when you are taking a offbeat script. Movies are make-believe stuff and you need to be good at convincing people with enough ingredients. The editor should get some credits where they flash Theo’s past now and then.  The BGM and Cinematography are equally gelling into the timeframe the story happens. Weird costumes, uber-cool mobile phones and great gadgets. If an OS can be that cool, why not the rest.

The movie feels a little lengthy. This is not a flick for people who need a central plot line or great visuals. This is for people who love books and need something unconventional or emotional content in a movie .

‘Her’ is an interesting but slow movie. My rating – 7.5/10. Not everyone’s cup of tea.


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