Day 5: Hell or High Water

After a delightful  Day 3 and Day 4, I chose ‘Hell or High water’ for today. I wasn’t disappointed.

Hell or High Water is crime drama with a pinch of action. This is a movie that sets out to the core plot from the very first scene.
Toby ( Chris Pine ), a divorced father,  wants a better life for his sons and is so committed to his cause that he decides to rob banks. He is aided by his brother – Tanner (an ex-convict ) in this crime and they choose a particular bank’s branches across towns in Texas. They intend to make enough money to close the loan on their ranch which will be sufficient for Toby’s sons. Marcus ( Jeff Bridges ), the retiring Texas Ranger sniffs a pattern and his intuition leads him and his partner to the bank where the brothers plan their next heist. There is a shootout and it doesn’t end well for Tanner. Toby makes it with the money and gets away with the crime. The movie ends with a conversation between Toby and Marcus where each is firm on his stance – calling a spade a spade.

That was so easy to type. A very simple yet thick plot and a good screenplay hits a homer for ‘Hell or High Water’. Chris Pine is in a new look altogether and plays his role with a stiff refrain. He is a divorcee who loves his sons so much that he risks his life for them. Pine is not the sci-fi kid anymore and moves to next level with this movie. Toby’s brother played by Ben Foster is riotous and reckless. He gets on your nerves but also has a softer side when it comes to family.

Jeff Bridges, our beloved ‘Dude’ is a delight on the screen. He plays this clever-old-prick-cop and is relentless in insulting his partner ( in a lighter sense ) making  sure there is enough humor in the script.  The movie is short and only goes only for 100 minutes. Anything lesser than that would have made it  sort of a ‘Breaking Bad’ episode.

The screenplay is good but there are places where the editor and the screenwriter could have worked together to keep up the consistency of the tension. You might even be reminded of ‘No Country for Old Men’. The background score in the first few minutes will warn you of a tragedy, but thankfully, the movie doesn’t have a tragic end. Overall, I’d give it a 7/10. It is worth watching and sincerely recommending it.

My streak is going steady. The genres I have picked are not of the same lot and that assures a variety. I hope it remains so. Because who loves a monotony except for our real lives  😛


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