Day 3 : The Hateful Eight

I’m a fanboy for QT (Quentin Tarantino) and there may not be a complete fair review here. 

QT fan or not.. this movie is worth watching.

The Hateful Eight is action thriller set in the early 19th century after the American civil war. 

One house. Eight killers. Doubts and deaths.

John Ruth ‘The Hangman’ with his prisoner Daisy Domergue travels across Wyoming on battering snow to take her to Red Rock for hanging for which he would be rewarded $10000.They decide to help Marquis who is estranged with three dead bodies ( his bounty corpses ). Mannix who is to be the next sheriff of Red Rock demands that he be helped in the blizzards. O.B the driver of the stagecoach and the four set out to Minnie and Sweet Dave’s haberdashery (an inn ) for shelter. But they don’t find Minnie and Dave at the haberdashery . There are four men who are in the inn for shelter. What follows that night is blood spurting, ruthless killings. Everybody is a suspect for the first death. All vile and cynical. Slowly the rest meet the maker either by gun or rope or even poison. There is a subplot within the main plot and it is unfolded almost at the second half.

Done with the synopsis we move to what I have to say about the movie.

A typical trademark QT movie. The overall plotline is like the Reservoir Dogs – all the characters are pivotal and no one is spared (literally). QT exhibits his eloquent screenwriting and delivers an action packed  thriller. There is tension right after all the eight enter the play and it is kept live till the climax. There is no guesswork here and you could only watch attentively. 

The casting is good where we have a sharp and uncanny Kurt Russell, a wise Samuel L Jackson, Jenifer Jason Leigh ( the showstopper according to me ) and an underplaying Tim Roth (welcome back !!).  Each of these except Tim have given a riveting performance. I loved Jenifer for her dialogue delivery,smirks,winks and rage. 

As the story is set in the 19th century, y’all folks gotta see what’s in store. The BGM suits the atmosphere and goes high tempo at the shootouts and plot revelations. 

QT’s love affair with the bounty history continues. Thankfully we are spared the racist violence. Here it’s fire on will on anyone you like at some point. Not recommending it for kids and light-hearted people. 

It’s a great movie. Having said that, I wouldn’t call this QT’s best. Personally, Django was better for me. The plot was so strong in Django which forced the actors to give their best. Overall Django was a complete effort. The Hateful Eight is not up to QT standards because his movies simply raise the bar each time. There are other aspects such as detailing and character description that are better than Django.

My rating is 7.5/10. If I had to be a QT fan and give a rating, I wouldn’t have flinched before giving it a 8. 

QT’s  movies will be called ‘vintage’ after a century. 

What’s in for day 4.. 

2 thoughts on “Day 3 : The Hateful Eight

    1. Django is a classic agreed. But ‘The Hateful Eight’ has the element of mystery which Django doesn’t. There is a whodunnit plot. But in a QT movie, it is something like ‘whendunit’..

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