100 Day Movie Challenge – Day 1 : The Horse Whisperer (1998)

I have no resolutions for the year and after I read Osho’s words on resolutions, I was more than happy to lose the idea. But, I needed to respond to some itching neurons and here it is… ( Drum rolls )

A 100 day movie challenge.. ! One movie a day for 100 days straight.

At first, it sounded like a waste of 2 or 3 precious hours each day, but movies have been part of my life so long. I see it a creation, an art… (yawning myself )

So the first movie to kick off the ride was ‘ The Horse Whisperer’.

The Horse Whisperer is a feel-good slow paced drama which involves a young girl and her horse who recover from a terrible accident with the help of a ‘horse whisperer’ ( horse specialist sort ! ). There is a lot of emotion, drama and a slightly taut romance.


Grace ( a teenager ) is severely injured and maimed for life when she goes horse riding one fine day. Her horse ( Pilgrim ) is equally injured so much that the Vets decide it to be put down for good. Grace’s mother Annie, caring but dominating mother and wife, is hell bent on curing the horse. While her daughter suffers a mental trauma, Annie strongly thinks helping Pilgrim recover would be better for her daughter and the animal. She takes her daughter and the horse all the way to Nevada to meet the famous ‘Horse Whisperer’ – Tom. Everyone is initially skeptical about Pilgrim’s and Grace’s recovery, but Tom has a way with the horses ( with people as well ). While Pilgrim and Grace recover, Tom and Annie are about to get into an affair which is very convoluted and risks everyone’s happiness. The end however is a little surprising but definitely makes it a feel-good movie.

That will be the synopsis.

Now, grabbing the forceps and prongs for dissection.

The screenplay is as smooth as Single malt Scotch. The accident is shot well and convinces us to imagine the horror. What each character goes through is so vivid through the expressions and the dialogues. Here is where the casting should be appreciated. There is no particular protagonist but each character is important. Scarlett Johanson plays the grumpy teen Grace so well that the director back then should have seen her shining career far ahead. Robert Redford  – Tom and Kristin Thomas – Annie  are equally fitting and have sunk their teeth in to the roles.

Annie is a ‘control-freak’ basically and when it doesn’t work with Tom, she is easily pissed off. Their brief romance is very interesting. Where this movie scores is the complication that each character goes through – a grumpy teen who wouldn’t let anyone help her after she is maimed, a confused and desperate mother who has this huge burden over her head, a man in his forties who is single and falls for the mother easily and , of course, the troubled horse who will carry the scar for the rest of his life.

The cinematography is pleasant – with all those ranches, hammocks and streams so serene it makes us long for a trip to Tom’s ranch. The movie is long, mind here because this is a movie you need to watch when you wake up at 4 AM and feel like watching a pleasant movie. Or you could sit with your partner on a Saturday evening for this movie if you don’t wanna party hard. It sure isn’t a waste of 2.5 hours is all I can say here..

More to come.. !

You could drop your comments in case you decide to encourage or one-critic-to-another kinda stuff..

3 thoughts on “100 Day Movie Challenge – Day 1 : The Horse Whisperer (1998)

  1. Whoot! That’s one mammoth of a challenge. Best wishes to you!

    This movie seems to be a feel good one with no negative points! Any thing in particular you didn’t like about the movie? Couldn’t get that from the review.

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