Writer’s block, Rambling

I cannot avoid this little excitement when I think that my short-story is through half way already.

But, I had to decelerate and think whether it qualified as a short story. I have penned up to 1000 words and it is definitely going to need another 1500 or may be even more. Taking the followers count in mind, I should say there is a chance that they might scroll down ( or off ) seeing the length ( though I am extremely committed to making it a good read for them ).

Does 2500 words qualify for a single post ?

I am following a few blogs here and there are short stories going  in chapters or parts. These are mostly of the genre ‘romance’ which makes it a little easy to hook the reader up to wait for the next post. I myself have tried my hands at writing ‘Romance’ and found it effortless to add some cheesy conversations and incidents ( often picked from real life experiences ). But in my current short-story, the genre is more of drama or sort of a tale. The story itself travels towards an incident and that is the soul of the whole story. If I need readers to come back for the next chapter, I cannot artificially add such ‘ come-back-to-know-what’s-next ‘ endings to my chapters. This is exactly where one of my writer’s block ( like Ribo ) enters – ‘ Can I make the readers come back if I am posting my story in chapters ? ‘I have tried to wade this off because this question was a little demotivating.

The expectation I set on my shoulders is too heavy. The only thought that runs through the mind is that the narration should be so vivid and good that the readers should follow up for the next chapter. Being an amateur, it is quite tough for me to keep up to that level. The one-liner or the context is really good and this makes the job of writing even more tougher. You have the perfect ingredients but do not want to ruin your dish – is the sort of feeling. I tried to edit the first 1000 words – but it just wouldn’t seem right.

There,  I have rambled it all. (Sighing with a relief already )

Some of you here are already seasoned writers – so please feel free to share your thoughts, modus operandi etc.,.

4 thoughts on “Writer’s block, Rambling

  1. I think is common for every writer to think the same – Will I be able to hold the attention of the reader? I’ve realized that it doesn’t really matter. Your story will always have an audience, even if the audience is one person, it is still an audience. What matters though, is the satisfaction of weaving a good tale. What may seem a perfect story for others might not be good enough for you and the vice versa is true too.

    So forget about the readership and chop chop, get to work 🙂

  2. Aah. How did I miss this post before? 🙂

    I have been in this situation multiple times. But then, I just go ahead and write. My writing quality may not be at part with what you are expecting, but I just write, because as an upcoming writer, I don’t have the luxury to only produce best work. Some work can be mediocre, and i am fine with it. Striving for perfectionism will spoil it for me. And one thing I have observed is that, as long as there is some good message/story in there, the readers have always encouraged me. They might be limited in numbers, but their views still count.

    And besides, you can count on me to read the short story. So, you have got an audience already. And I will tell my feedback to you, that way you can improve on your next story.

    So, my take on this is, just write buddy! We will be waiting to read it.

    And PS: Thanks for mentioning Ribo in your post, now we seem to have a common friend/enemy 😛

  3. Yes Raja, you missed reading the post earlier and I was expecting your comment.
    I agree with you here – I should concentrate more on writing rather than how well it is going to come out.
    The audience of course is gonna be you and Janani first.

    Ribo the culprit !

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