#Review : Dharmadurai – Simple, poetic at places and longer than necessary


The title of the movie has got nothing to Rajini’s ‘Dharmadurai’ of the 80’s and there we are saved from a remake disaster. The Dharmadurai here is a kind, emotional and spontaneous man – a doctor from one of the remote ( beautiful ) villages in the Southern parts of Tamil Nadu. His greedy brothers, well in their senses, tear his life apart and he finds his life back through his college friend(s).

The trend of ‘story for the actor’ is slightly fading but it feels like  Seenu Ramasamy went on to make a movie having only Vijay Sethupathi as his lead character. Nevertheless, this man fits into the role easily. The cast is really good – you have Vijay Sethupathi and Radhika who sink in to their roles with such ease and the rest of the cast have done justice. The cinematography is brilliant, some shots are treat to the sore eyes and you have to give that to him. The background score is not something that I might remember and a couple of songs might just enter the playlist. You have a very good crew but when a captain is not confident with his plans, then the sail isn’t just what you expect it to be. That is what I believe has happened to ‘Dharmadurai’.

Spoiler Alert !

In the first few scenes, you see Dharmadurai ( a.k.a Dharman ) as a doctor in his 30s who is hell bent on bringing his family name ( or his brothers’ pride ) to the dust.  ( it’s a ‘Sumaar moonji Kumaaru with a different hair style ). The ruckus he creates wherever he goes creates problems for his brothers and they feel humiliated to the core which eventually gets Dharman locked up in his own house.  So when Dharman tries to escape, he creates the biggest problem for his brothers – which here, is one of the plot twists. He goes to his college to track his friends whom he believes, might help him get his life back. He only finds his class mate Subha ( Tamannah) and we are spiraled to the flash-back. He  goes on to tell her ( another flashback with the cute love segment where Aishwarya enters the picture) as to why he is his current  almost-deranged-desperate-state. He learns that Subha ‘s life also has her share of miseries and then they fall in love in an unusual way .( something that doesn’t gel into the story or making ).  A small terrorizing twist in the climax there but we come out with a sigh as the movie doesn’t have a tragic end ( we don’t really want a tragedy after this more than longggggggggggg movie ! )

There is a small narration  when the flash back starts which felt hanging loose and out of the story. It doesn’t feel coherent or continuing because when there is no narration in the beginning, why would you need one in the middle. The protagonist isn’t addressing the audience when the movie starts. Also Dharman’s atrocities are acceptable before meeting Subha, but the scene where he slaps Subha’s husband – again incongruous because by then he had almost got his life back.

I have no clue how Vijay Sethupathi – Aishwarya chemistry works so well on screen – the part of the movie which I thought was original Seenu Ramasamy ( along with the koil-kaalai and Dharman’s niece ). The flashback for the college life,though it has some one-liners for the message-loving audience,  was totally unnecessary because it did not help in anyway for the second love story. This  should have gone to editor’s table for the major part or should not have been in the script at all.

It is watchable for the making but not for the message because the message  is not something that is very new. It is the social evil that is almost uprooted and it is no longer clutching the society to such a level  (I can talk for TN here).

Watch it for the camera work, Vijay Sethupathi.

( Feel free to share your opinions as well ! )


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