Rubbernecks – Who and Why !

Rubberneck ( noun )  – A tourist, an extremely curious person, a rider

Now, drumrolls !

Rubbernecks is the FB page that we ( Mano and I ) have created to share our rides, stories and some cool pictures of course. Feel free to click here.


It was basically Mano’s idea and a few others including me joined the fray and created the page. Our artist is still working on the logo !

Our theme goes like :

‘ We have run out of kings, kingdoms and so, we have run out of stories. What will we have to tell our kids or even ourselves ( or our crushes ) ?

Ride. Let’s get ourselves some stories to tell ! ‘

That’s Rubbernecks in 50 words for you.

The basic idea of Rubbernecks is to bring riders together – the more the stories, the more we kindle the curiosity in others and in ourselves. Also, each Rubberneck is with you when you are riding – we will make sure you are on radar and help with whatever we can ( and should ) like riding gear, stay, routes and others.

Here’s the set of rules/instructions  or ‘code of conduct’  if you are looking for one:

  • Ride and share your stories to us so that we can share it on Rubbernecks  – Any ride that covers more than 150 km – qualifies ! (no meaningless criteria )
  • Just like the page and you are a Rubberneck from then. Send us a FB friend request or a message and we will catch up ( I and Mano for now ) with you for your post from there.
  • It doesn’t matter which bike you are riding on or where you are from. All that matters is your curiosity
  • Since this is going in FB, you know what language to use and what pictures to share ( if you are caught, you are caught mate ! )
  • Do let us know if you are planning a trip – we would like to join you if you are looking for companions and also would help with information if you need any.
  • If you are joining us for  a ride that we have  intimated on the page, we will update you with some more ‘what to and what not to’ bullet points

Nothing is free in this world and so all you gotta do is, share the Rubbernecks post about your ride on your wall as well.

From what we have experienced, there are so many places in India that look exotic at first sight. When there is so much to explore in our country, why do we look to go beyond the borders.  You also get to meet different kind of people and piling up such good memories feels good.

Trying out each cuisine in it’s birth place is a new experience altogether rather than trying it in your own city. Rubbernecks are also gourmets who enjoy food as much as they enjoy their ride. So you could be helping on where people should go if they are looking for eat-outs.

So ride.. And ride with us. Let’s carry some message each time we ride and show how beautiful this country is.

Tell us if you think your city or village or town  is one we shouldn’t miss. We will visit you. Remember, there is no disparity.

We are also looking to go beyond a single page – but all that comes  with the support from the fellow riders.

Here are our stories !

Ride 1

Ride 2

Ride 3

Ride 4


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