It Happens Only In Madurai – Chithirai Thiruvizha

Balakarthiga M

Not going to brag because it’s my city, but MADURAI, without a doubt, IS the most magical place on this planet.

I mean, you can fall in love with this city.


Honestly, in my opinion,If Madurai were a guy *Insert Personification*, I would’ve already been in an eternal, never ending love -affair with Him. Because Madurai is versatile, diverse, adventurous, surprising, daring, captivating and romantic. ALL AT THE SAME TIME.

(Spoiler: My novel is based on Madurai, so you can say I’m almost half way there with the eternal love affair part.)

The lotus shaped alleys, the large corridors of the famous Meenakshi Amman Temple, the beautiful temple tank, the vast cultural diversity,the stories legends and mythologies that are around the city, the scrumptious food that’s absolutely unique, thanks to the vast cultural diversity mentioned earlier, it’s warm and hospitable people, all weave together the magical experience that’s called…

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