Review – The Devotion of Suspect X ( novel )

The Devotion of Suspect X is a crime/thriller novel written by Japanese writer Keigo Higashino. No need to be cautious because there are no spoilers here.


This novel belongs with the crime and thriller genre and yet gives you a calm reading experience – a breezy one and will turn out to be one with gloomy clouds at then end. There is pace, but not one that will let it perspire. It is a page turner for sure and I loved reading it. Thanks to my sister for the Kindle and our mutual friend for recommending me the novel. The first on the device and sure will go down to be remembered. If you don’t watch or haven’t watched Japanese Manga series or Korean soaps, remembering the names is gonna be a little stressful – but this only for the first 30 pages. Only a handful of characters and it is definitely a brilliant work. The plot is thick and it keeps unfolding at times and you will have many theories of the plot before the ending and eventually, you might end up with a shock and a painful smile.

A brilliant mathematician – Ishigami, is in love with his neighbor -Yasuko and tries to protect her when she and her daughter -Misato have committed a crime. When the investigations start with Yasuko and Misato as suspects, Ishigami tries to remove all the traces leading to them and diverts the cops. The cops don’t find a single clue about the case and all they have is the suspect Yasuko. But then, the lead detective’s friend -Yukawa, who is a physicist tries to solve the puzzle.  Yukawa and Ishigami are from the same University and both are great minds.When Yukawa comes to know that Ishigami is the suspect’s neghbour, he starts digging more and comes to realize the shocking truth. One tries to cover up the whole thing whereas the other one digs it up and solves it. Their game of wits is interesting and cleverly done. The end is a tragic and makes you feel heavy.

The lead characters (Ishigami and Yukawa) are brilliant – they are practical and a little compassionate too. The portrayal of Ishigami’s character is good and kind of draws a picture of a genius who doesn’t exactly fit into the society – the nerdy types. He is very calm, too simple and not the average protagonist you read. But to what extent he is devoted in a relationship, is really shocking. These days there are people who are in a relationship just to know how it feels like to be in one leaving the other person’s life shattered. But, to a relief, Yasuko isn’t such a girl here to Ishigami.

There is a reference to a few mathematical theorems and P=NP problem (under which the whole plot is spun). There is no humour but the plot is good enough to keep you bound to it. A simple yet good novel that you can recommend. I completed reading it in three hours ( I read a little slower than many people). Some of the phrases I remember from the novel  – ‘blank eyes of Ishigami’, ‘the platonic relationship between Kudo and Yasuko’, ‘beehoved him to warn her’.Readers who like crime and thrillers can definitely go for this novel. I don’t have the PDF for this, please buy it in Kindle or Flipkart.

There are a few more books in this series – looking to buy the next one 🙂

Comments and suggestions – welcome as always….

5 thoughts on “Review – The Devotion of Suspect X ( novel )

  1. Gowtham

    When I had the first sight of this blog, I was under the impression that my friend was suggesting me a novel until I read the first two lines.Looks like a lost of person who has been writing blogs for years. Although I have no idea about the content he wrote above, I have a strong conviction that it ought to be damn good, so it doesn’t baffle me like am in an alien land. I believe people will find it amusing as much I do.looking forward for your next blog. Exemplary

    1. Dinesh Babu K N

      Thank you machi. And.. I see a writer in you already and I have always pestered you to start your blog soon.
      I am not pretty sure if my blog really deserved those compliments, but I humbly accept them 😀 ( wishing inside that the future ones are really upto that (re)mark)

  2. I wonder where you got all that flow from. The review has a good structure with character descriptions, plot and personal opinions..Keep going..
    P.S: give that kindle to me for sometime so that I can enjoy the book 😉

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