Reservoir Dogs – Movie review

It’s been a while since I started the ‘Movie  Spree’ .I gotta be a bit careful with the word ‘spree’ today, the news is like that – my heart goes to the families of the kids killed in Peshawar. The act was brutal, barbaric and to be condemned very strongly.


The latest movie that filled up 700MB of my Hard-disk was the ‘Reservoir Dogs’. This was the debut movie of Quentin Tarantino in 1992. To those fanboys like me and movie-buffs or movie goers, this name isn’t something very new. Remember ‘Pulp Fiction Django Unchained’, ‘Inglorious Basterds’…. That’s the director.

The movie is about a ‘rat’ in a gang who sells out the lot after a failed jewelry heist as he is an informer . Now,don’t compare another awesome flick of  Sorceze’s ‘Departed’ with this as ‘Departed’ is a different outline where the ‘rat’ is the only nuance ..Also, the ‘informer’ gets killed here too.. 😛

The cast, dialogue and the plot – each deserve 8 out of 10 – for a debutante’s movie. The first 15 minutes of the movie gives a small introduction about each character, not in a narrative style, but in a rather odd but an interesting discussion. There is a style that each character has and the audience ( assuming a movie aficionado like me ) is quite involved as the ninth (silent)member in that crew. It is more in scenes like this where you feel you’re just into the screen as a spectator.

The characters are given their false-names with colours – Mr.Pink,Mr.Orange,Mr.White, Mr.Blue, Mr.Brown and Mr.Blonde and the other two with no names as they are the bosses. There is another scene where this naming is funny 😀

When this group of Mr. Colours  attempt to steal the diamonds, a theft-alarm is triggered by one the jewelry official. Mr.Blonde goes mad ( later confesses that ‘alarms piss him off or something’ ) and he starts a shoot out. The police arrive earlier, way earlier which makes our robbers go even crazy  and flee (with the diamonds taken by Mr.Pink.). Mr.Blue and Brown are shot dead by Police at the store, Mr.Orange is shot in an accident (weird one) and he is taken for help to the rendezvous by Mr.White.

While the four Mr.Colours (alive and almost alive )assemble at rendezvous, there is an argument, finger-pointing and everyone agrees that there is an informant as they wait for the boss of the gang to arrive to act further. Mr.Blonde is the only  psychopath of the lot and takes a policeman as a hostage. The character of Mr.Blonde and his ‘actions’ – you gotta give a credit for Quentin’s ‘gore-scene’ debut.What follows next is interesting and spontaneous ( like the restaurant scene in Inglorious Basterds). The audience can begin to guess the informant, there is a little of who-is-this-guy thriller fusing as a bomb and they unfold it 20 minutes before the climax. But in the mean-while, the dialogues and the nervous atmosphere due to the presence of an unknown traitor keeps it going very well and some edge-of-the-seat feel.

Like in other movies of Quentin Tarantino, there is  dark humour, gore, conspiracy, and add some thrill as toppings.For a debutante, this movie is good. I would recommend to watch it  as it can’t be labelled too-old-to-watch-now.Well then, will keep the reviews coming.

Am a new-bee here. Comments would encourage me. ( So no profanity pls 😛 )

16 thoughts on “Reservoir Dogs – Movie review

  1. Nikita

    Cool one 🙂 A review, Well written!
    “Rat” , “false-names”… Well described!!
    Your words.. Gets the imagination into the live aspect.. Too good!!
    Brilliant writing.. Keep going..All the very best on your upcoming blends 🙂

  2. sunitharamu

    To start with, the language above does not need profanity 🙂 it deserves an appreciation! Being a lazy blogger myself, this sure did rekindle the interest in me to continue my efforts. Thanks to you! A very decent review on the movie and the choice of words – Clever. A successful start I must say! The only suggestion would be to cut it short on explaining the plot and make it racy with your thoughts on what piqued your interest to watch it!

    Well Done Again!

  3. sunitharamu

    The blog deserves an appreciation! Choice of words – Clever! Job well done on detailing the plot. Tone used – Very commendable! Only suggestion as a reader would be to make the plot description more racy by reducing the content!

    Very well done once again!

    1. Dinesh Babu K N

      That’s an encouragement Sunitha. I am still wondering how I missed the ‘no’ in ‘So no profanity pls’ 🙂

      The post already looked shorter to me – but I agree, I could have written more on why I rate this movie as good. Thanks anyway.. Keep visiting ( there’s a follow button 🙂 )

  4. Great start with superb english babu. I know you since school you are good narrator and writer way to go babu. 👍👍👍👍👍 (5/5) Rating
    Things to concentrate:
    1. Add some interactive elements to website
    2. Review alignment
    3. Adding some reviewing movie images will be more interesting

  5. Deepika Kumaaraguru

    Your writing style and portrayal of feelings is seriously excellent. Please write a novel. Excellent writing shouldn’t go unrecognised. Mellifluous narration is necessary for a writer and you are exhibiting the trait flawlessly. Great literature up here.

    1. Dinesh Babu K N

      Thanks again 🙂
      Just got the word of the day from you – what do you read by the way 😉 ?

      Hope my writing skills get better like wine 😀

      1. Deepika Kumaaraguru

        I haven’t been reading any books for the past one year, because I hate being influenced by other people’s writing and ideas but on a general level, I don’t stick to any particular genre. If there is great narration combined with equal ingredients of romance, character building and action (in whatever way), I read 😀

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